It's Time for More JOY In Your Life...


You wake in the morning, feeling calm and rested. As you stretch and your eyes slowly open, you smile, knowing that life feels good. Before you get out of bed, you take a moment to say thank you, thank you for this joyful life that is mine today.

Now, believe that it's possible. Because it is. You can create joy in your every day. You can have more happiness in your life today.

Make the decision now that, from here on out, you are living a JOYful life.

And join us to learn how to create this reality with ease.

More JOY Please!

Manifesting Joy, Each & Every Day

Eight years ago, I sat in my kitchen alone, feeling depressed, lost and lonely. My boyfriend came home from a night out and told me about a politician who had died in a plane crash. My first thought was, 'I wish I was that lucky.'

As the thought ricocheted around my mind, I realized: I was jealous of a dead guy. Here I was, sitting - alive and breathing - jealous of someone who had just lost their life. And I realized: it was time to make a change.


That was 7 years ago.

Today my life is FILLED to the brim with joy. I have an amazing, deeply loving relationship to that same man, who I will soon call my Husband. I released my business that wasn't serving me after 6 years. I found a job with a great company and received 2 promotions in under 2 years. I am earning a salary I could only dream of 7 years ago. I feel amazing in my body. I have a few deep, supportive and loving friends.

And most of all, every day, no matter how things may go throughout the day, what challenges come up, I feel joy. Deep, knowing, abiding joy. Joy that doesn't shake loose because I had a bad day at work. Joy that emanates from me, that others are drawn to, that has people looking at me saying, 'Her life must be pretty good, and pretty easy, because she's always joyful.'

Create Deep Joy In Your Life

How do I make it stick?

So you feel happy... sometimes. You try to be grateful... most days. You just wish that things were easier, and that, once and for all, you could finally make those happy days last longer, make that joyfulness stay.

Join the Manifesting Millions of Moments of Joy masterclass to learn how to create deep, lasting joy in your life.

No more homework please - I'm exhausted!

Creating joy in your life takes effort, energy and attention, but it doesn't have to be hard. It would be pretty silly if, in order to create more joy in your life, you had to push yourself to feel joyful.

That doesn't sound joyful or happy at all!

By understanding how we actually create change in our lives, we can truly work 'smarter, not harder'. And we can partner with our deepest desires to create a magnetic attraction between us and our dream reality.

Learn how to leverage POWERFUL resources to help you create more joy with ease...

What if you could tap into a source more powerful than you? What if you could reduce effort and increase results?

In the Manifesting Millions of Moments of Joy masterclass, we'll talk about the basics of manifestation so you can leverage knowledge to create more joy in your life ... with more ease.

What if I can't make it live?

You'll have lifetime access to this training, so you can come back and watch it again and again anytime you desire.

You also will benefit from any future versions of this particular class, meaning, as the content is updated and upgraded, your lifetime access gives you access to those updates ... at no additional cost*.

Start Living Your Best Life TODAY

Why wait another year to start living a more joyful life?

Why live with a less-than-optimal reality when you can begin creating your dream life today?

I'm Amy, creator of Manfesting Millions of Moments of Joy. I've studied manfestation for years & turned my life around from 'I'm jealous of a dead guy' to 'I am SO in love with my life!'

I want that for you. I want for you to live a life that is as full, rich and abundant as mine - and more!

I understand struggle, I've healed many hurts and hardship in my life. I'm here to guide you with love into a life that feels fuller, happier and makes others around you look at you and say, 'Damn, I want what she's got going on.'

Join me today.

I'm IN!

FAQs & Notes

Q: I missed the live class, now what?

A: Not to worry! You have lifetime access to the content, including access to the recorded class. Watch it again and again as often as you desire.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Refunds requested within 48 hours of purchase will be granted no questions asked. After 48 hours has passed, refunds will not be given.

Q: What if it doesn't work?

A: There are no guarantees to this course, just as there are no guarantees to life. My intention for you is that your life becomes more joyful every day, however, the onus for that creation lies fully on you.

Important Notes On Future Updates:

*Regarding future updates, the creator reserves the right at any time to discontinue the course or make changes to payment expectations, including and not limited to, increasing pricing, revoking lifetime access, etc.