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Creating your life happens one moment at a time.


I used to feel so overwhelmed when I would read books about manifesting your dream life. I was supposed to change my whole way of thinking, of being, of doing and once I did, then my life would shift into my dream reality.

So I worked at it. And worked at it. And worked at it.

And after years of reading, learning, integrating, investing in courses and guidebooks and more, I started to look back. I had indeed created the most amazing reality I've ever known. SO MUCH more amazing than I'd ever dreamed possible 20 years ago!

But I had always felt like I was missing a key. The ONE THING that was somehow going to change EVERYTHING.

Until I realized that didn't exist.

Imagine my disappointment 😂

But I realized something much bigger:

While I thought I needed to make MASSIVE changes in order to change my life, that I needed to have it perfect and 'high vibe' all the time to create my dream reality, that wasn't what actually changed my life.

It was the millions of little moments. The moments of choice where I steadily applied what I had been learning and moved the needle forward.

Millions of Moments

It wasn't the BIG moments that had created big changes in my life. It was the little moments. The moment in traffic where I had a choice to shout profanities at the &$^@(* that just cut me off OR.... make a different move.

The moment in the kitchen when I could choose to feel really taken down by the chips I ate yesterday OR..... choose a different thought.

The moment when all of my technology seemed to fail at once and my face was melting off 🫠 and I could decide that meant that I'd never truly succeed OR.... make a simple shift.

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