About Amy

This is the part where I tell you who the heck I am.  Which is always kinda weird and awkward because, let's be real, I'm sitting by myself in my kitchen listening to the birds chirp after the very first spring rain and wondering what the heck to say and how to say it 'professionally' so you don't think I'm a weirdo.

Instead, let's toss that out the door, shall we?  Let me just share what's present for me and what I think/hope/kinda-sorta-expect you might want to know about me.

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta with the most amazing man I've ever met and who I'm so excited I'll get to call 'my husband' in just a few short months time 💍

I grew up in the dead-centre of Canada, on the plains of Manitoba, and every time we would take a trip to the mountains, it felt like coming home - though I didn't know what the feeling was yet (because 'home' to a 12 year old is obviously where your clothes and shoes and dog are, right?).

When I met my love, I was living in Winnipeg and he in Calgary.  I had planned on moving to Vancouver - oceans AND mountains, what's not to love?  But life, and love, had different plans (as it often does).  I've been here for 9 years now and never thought I could be so happy.

So for professional stuff:

  • I had my own interior design biz - twice actually.  Once I kinda-sorta started it when I was living in Winnipeg, then I did it for realsies 6 months after I moved to Calgary.
  • For 6 years, I ran my design firm.  That was a ride.  I learned A LOT, and literally poured blood, sweat, so many tears and every dollar I could find into the biz.  After 4 years, my soul was spent; it took me 2 more years to finally say 'adieu' and properly close the biz.
  • I've been working in tech for the last 3.5 years where I worked as customer support, then starting leading teams, now leading a team of leads, overlooking 20+ frontline staff.

How about some growth stuff, aka: sh*t I learned:

  • I took a 2 year business course - not in a university or anything, but one of those deals where you go to a live conference and they have a great course that promises to teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur?  Did it, learned a crap ton, left with a bigger crap ton of garbage beliefs and subsequently spent a few years unpacking all that 💩
  • Signed up for the Manifestation Babe Academy on a leap of 'pay it in full' faith in 2020.  LOVED it, still do it roughly once a year.  If you're not familiar, it's all things manifestation, touches on Human Design, lots of healing and belief-reprogramming and much much care.  Seriously, if I met Kathrin Zenkina in person today, I'd have trouble putting words together because I'd be fangirling all over her.
  • Look, leading a team in any capacity will teach you a lot about yourself.  I've been leading teams since June 2020, I have done the work.  Some of my fav learnings though came from books like Multipliers & Radical Candor, biggest learnings came from coaching my peeps, and then learning how to coach leaders so they can be more successful leaders (that's an interesting place to be I tell ya).
  • I'm reading constantly.  Some general favs include: We Should All Be Millionaires, Money, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and currently loving Where Good Ideas Come From.
  • I work with coaches or therapists semi-regularly, as needed.  Currently working with a psychotherapist who specializes in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT).  Love the ease and healing that I gain through those sessions.

More stuff?

  • I host the Manifesting Millions podcast.  I'm thisclose to letting go of the need to have it be a specific topic or area because honestly, I just want to talk about everything that interests me.  So, stay tuned haha.

Oh, maybe you want some 'k, but does she know how to manifest sh*t and be generally happy?' examples.  I got you:

  • Manifested:
    • Releasing 50 lbs of weight - and kept it off baby.
    • Buying my dream car (a Subaru WRX), then releasing it and buying my first ever brand new car (a Subaru Forester Sport).
    • The most amazing, loving, joyful, fun and intimate relationship that friggin blows my dreams away!  Seriously, we're 10 years in and I am still head over heels for that man.
    • Receiving the perfect (for me) wedding proposal - seriously, he delivered 💍
    • Manifested a job at the company I currently work at plus TWO promotions, 15 months apart, within my first 22 months at the company.
    • Doubled my income at a job in under 2 years 💵
    • Paid off my credit cards - and kept them paid - for the first time in 20 years.  Omg y'all, this was a BIG ONE.
    • Trip to Greece with my love 🇬🇷
    • Skiing!  Ok, so quick backstory:  I used to see friends in class come back from winter vacations with lift passes (the ticket that gets you up the ski hill) on their jackets and dream of going to exotic places like Sunshine, Louise, Panorama, Big White (all ski hills in the Canadian Rockies) but I was in the prairies.  And besides the fact that we don't really have mountains there, skiing was expensive.  Fast forward like 15 years, I now ski in the mountains 20+ days a year.  Talk about dreams coming true!
    • SO MANY amazing relationships, I truly am deeply blessed to have some wonderful friends in my life.  They're guides and healers and explorers and genuinely wonderful people who don't take life too seriously but take their people seriously.
  • Be Generally Happy:
    • 6-7 years ago, I was jealous of a dead guy (read more on that here).  Now, for the most part (because we all have down periods), I am joyful and happy every day.  Sometimes it may only be for an hour or two, or a few moments scattered in the day, and many times, it's days and weeks at a time.
    • Did I mention the amazing relationship I have with my man?  That wasn't always like that, we worked at that sh*t yo.

Ok, so if you're still reading, goodness, you must really want to know about me haha.  The short story is this:

I've walked around on this planet for 4 decades, I've gone through some really tough stuff, I've learned and grown, I'm constantly learning and growing and I'm damn passionate about helping others actually live their dream life.  If I wasn't, I'd stay in my cozy life and not bother putting all this stuff out there for others, risking the haters, the uncertainty, the doubts and my general sanity.

I care deeply about lifting souls up.  If you're down, if you're ready to say, 'f*ck it, let's go live our fullest', then check out the options available.  I'm offering a course on Joy, working on a course on Money and offering 1:1 coaching intensives for now.

Who knows what I'll do next?

Woman in a tank top and leggings with her hand on her hip, holding her phone with a sign 'I am worthy' behind her