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One on One Coaching Intensive

One on One Coaching Intensive

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Coaching Package

Coaching is a high value, highly effective, intensive container.  Each session is focused on you and what you'd like to work on together.  Sessions are 60-120 mins in length - dependent on what you need each session - where you'll engage in a safe space to talk through what is present or emerging for you and gain valuable insights, perspective shifts as well as access to a range of experience I bring in.

Topics may include:

  • Challenges at work, with your team, your tasks, preparing for your next growth move, etc
  • Leadership challenges: Perhaps you lead a team, at work or otherwise.
  • Personal growth: Ready for the next level but struggling to take action?  Digging into self-awareness?

Why Coaching?

Because life is too hard and too complicated to struggle through it on your own.  Because coaching gives you access to the knowledge, embodied wisdom and experience of another.  Because sometimes you just need someone who's always on your side, who believes in you, who pushes you in healthy and productive ways, who can hold a mirror up when needed or hold you accountable when necessary.

Coaching is a powerful resource you can leverage.  There's a reason why high performance athletes, leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs engage coaches regularly - because with the right coach, your world can open up to greater heights than you may ever have thought possible.

Available Packages:

Currently, 3 packages are available.

3 SESSION:  If you're new to coaching or just want to get your feet wet with me, the 3 Session package is a great start!  We'll have 3 dedicated sessions to dig into whatever is needed and present for you.  

6 MONTH:  Familiar with coaching and ready to get into it?  The 6 month package ensures one coaching session per month for 6 months as well as interim support as needed.  You'll receive the benefit of an intentional container of time as well as support and encouragement as you lean in.

9 MONTH:  You're ready to go big, you're ready to bet fully on yourself, you're birthing a new you.  You'll have one dedicated coaching session per month for 9 months, interim support as needed, the benefit of the intentional 9 month container of time with support and encouragement throughout.  Plus, you'll receive early access to new courses, and extra tools as needed (eg. dedicated meditations, etc).  This one's the big kahuna.

Results Are In Your Hands.

The best, most powerful coach in the world cannot guarantee results or push you to grow in any way when you're not open to it.  You will get from coaching what you bring in.  If you are open and ready, willing to lean in and believe in your growth and potential, I'll meet you step for step.  You're very likely to see increased joy, productivity, courage to go after your goals, you'll build tools you can use over and over again to take on life's tough challenges, your relationships can improve, your life can become happier, you can manifest in big dreams!  Success isn't guaranteed, but if you commit fully, you'll be amazed what you'll achieve.

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